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Acupressure Mat for Stress Relief + Back Pain

Jun 21, 2017

I have an addiction, an Amazon addiction. its true, but isn’t that the first step to recovery? Admitting you have a problem? Something like that, or so I once heard. The difference between this addiction and others, this addiction is actually beneficial to me and to you, because I try anything I can get my hands on as long as it has prime shipping. This addiction let me to my new best friend, my Acupressure mat.

Meet my new best friend, my acupressure mat. I do not let this baby out of my sight. I have been a long time devotee to Accupuncture (I, 100% believe in the benefits, I will get into that later, but I swear by it for many things), but this is not acupuncture, this is Acupressure. Similar idea and based on traditional Chinese medicine. Acupressure mats such as the model you describe is made of a mat which contain small disks containing anywhere from 6-8,000 spikes. The spikes are meant to apply pressure to key points on the surface of the skin that are said to stimulate the circulation of blood and the body’s “life force” to aid healing. The concept is similar to that of acupuncture except spikes are used in place of needles.

To be honest, I do not remember where I read about or heard about it, or even what possessed me to buy a yoga mat embedded with plastic nails looking contraption because if you really think about it, it looks like a torture device,  but as soon as it was delivered I laid on it and I have never since let go.

This is odd, but laying on this mat puts me in a trance of sorts. It immediately calms me and about after 10 minutes I am in a trance of sorts, utterly calm and stress free. I may be in the minority as I heard it does take people time to get used to, but this feels SO good to me. As soon as I come home from work, I strip off my clothes and lay on this for about 30 minutes. I look forward to it all day. Good bye back and shoulder pain from being hunched over a computer. Those 30 minutes I am laying on it, I check my emails (like i didn’t do enough of that all day), scroll through instagram or watching some mindless TV (I once watched a whole Tudors rerun while laying on it…heaven).

I have read claims that this is supposed to help with depression, anxiety and sleep. I can not vouch for that but I can say it deeply relaxes me and definitely helps with back and neck pain from strain.

I bought mine for around $15 here off Amazon. The one I ordered comes with this neck pillow, which I think is necessary. It is such a good addition and gives you the whole body sensation. It also is great for when you are sitting on the couch or even laying in bed. It gives you the benefit of relieving neck tension without laying on the floor, if you aren’t into always laying on the floor. I don’t know why you wouldn’t be though, I mean, c’mon people.

It is recommended for 15 minutes of use, but I have been known to lay on it for about 45 minutes, it just feels so good and I feel so relaxed. My husband calls it my “crazy machine” and after about 45 minutes, he is nudging me to get off of it.

For $15, you can’t go wrong. Try it out and let me know what you think.


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