TWV Must Haves: Fatigue Fighters

Jun 13, 2017

I don’t know about you guys, but for me sometimes I am just exhausted. Occasionally, the sad truth is that no matter how healthy we eat, environmental stressors, late nights at the office, work stress and other things out of our immediate control can get the best of us and just leave us flat out, knock us on our butt, fatigued.

Don’t you worry your pretty little selves, I have found some spectacular fatigue fighting tools. These babies are always up to the task of waking me right up and getting me back in action in a natural, stimulant free way.

My proven fatigue fighters left to right:

1.Yerba Mate: One step above green tea in terms of energy boosting. Think of this as your new coffee without the jitters. You can read more about why I love Yerba Mate soon. You can find tons on Amazon.

2. MCT Oil (This one is Bullet Proof’s Brain Octane): I am sure you heard of bulletproof coffee right? If not google it, the MCT oil is one key component and supposedly is fuel for the brain that can be accessed immediately. The difference between medium and long chain triglycerides is the number of carbon atoms in each molecule. Compared to the long chain triglycerides found in other vegetable oils, MCTs are smaller and more readily metabolized — qualities that make them a good source of fuel for your brain. MCTs are essential for the development of babies’ brains and are found in abundance in human breast milk. I put this in my green tea, matcha, mate or coffee. It is the combination with the caffeine that I believe gives this the ultra boost to my energy levels. ZING!

3. Rhodiola Root Extract: I particularly like this one from Sun Potion. I love how Sun Potion is transparent about sourcing. You have to be careful with sourcing herbs. Rhodiola is in the adaptogen (read more about adaptogens here) category.  Sun Potion’s is a wildcrafted Tibetan Rhodiola. Rhodiola oxygenates the whole brain and body. This is known to increase energy, fight fatigue, facilitate creativity, stamina, immune strength, balanced weight, longevity, and focus.

4. Pu’Erh Tea: It can come loose or in a cake form as shown above. I like the cake one, but you have to be careful that you are getting authentic Pu’Erh. Pu’erh is reported to provide many health benefits including weight loss, improved digestion,  hangover relief and reducing cholesterol. The biggest benefit I find, it totally keeps my focus and energy at a stable level. Check out some Pu’erh here.

5. Peppermint Oil: I am a huge huge huge fan of peppermint oil, for many different applications. I love to diffuse it, I use it on my skin for massage (be careful and ALWAYS dilute in a carrier oil), but to fight my exhaustion, I put a few drops in my tea in the morning and HELLO! I am up! I am not brand loyal. I just pick one with prime shipping and make sure it is pure, food grade .

6. Acupressure Mat: I have a whole post coming on this baby. This is the best. thing. ever. This is the one I have, only $15 and life changing.

7. Dry Brushing: If you haven’t read about dry brushing and its benefits, I highly encourage you to look into it. I will do a big post on this but it completely wakes me up in the morning. I do it every morning, on top of waking me up, it has amazing benefits, increasing lymphatic drainage, decreases cellulite and exfoliates you skin. You need a dry brush. I like natural bristle brushes but there are tons to choose from.

What are your all natural fatigue fighters? Tell me in the comments!


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