The Wellness Vault’s Stress Busting Must haves

Jun 27, 2017


A lot of people are enjoying The Wellness Vault #Musthave series and especially my post on my favorite Fatigue Fighters (yay!). You ask and I answer. Here is another installment of The Wellness Vault’s #Musthaves, this time, Stress Busters for epic stress relief.

Who isn’t stressed and anxious in this time and age of being on and digitally connected 24/7?  Answering constant emails and having social media dinging away all hours of the night constantly is enough to drive the calmest person bonkers. Buddha would even be stressed in 2017, #forreal.

Well, the good news is, I have some ALL natural stress busters for you that wield some major stress relieving sorcery. Adios anxiety!


Headspace Meditation App

Mediation was always hard for me. Really hard. It is akin to exercise. You think it is hard and boring but know you HAVE to do it for your physical health. Meditation is mental exercise, boiled down to a succinct answer. When you master meditation it is a powerful stress relieving tool. I fell in love with it about 5 years ago when I learned of Solfeggio frequency meditation but when I was introduced to the Headspace app it really clicked. Headspace teaches you HOW to do it in a manageable way, just for 10 minutes a day. It has daily meditations that go in order that build up your skill. Yes, Meditation is a skill. I have been meditation every night for the past two years before I go to bed. It helps me fall asleep and rest my brain. It is a blessing to be able to turn your brain off for a few minutes and give it a break. There are also other bundles and packages you can choose for focus, creativity, sleep and energy. It is fabulous. Try it out. I think there is a 10 day free trial.

CW™ Hemp

CW™ Hemp is a whole-plant organic hemp extract oil containing all natural and beneficial cannabinoids (CBD) which have naturally occurring antioxidants and neuroprotectants, which balance stress and anxiety. Yes, Hemp comes from the cannabis plant but this baby is NOT marijuana and is LEGAL in all states. CW Hemp does contain THC (the compound that gets you high) however, it is less than .3% per FDA regulations, meaning, you will NOT get high (zero goofy effects here!). Additionally, because CW Hemp is a full-spectrum product, it contains all of the beneficial hemp botanical compounds that work synergistically to heighten the positive effects without the less than desirable effects. Nature is brilliant, we are given tools to heal ourselves but we need to realize the form they come in, is the form we need to utilize holistically.  In science, it’s called The Entourage Effect. Full disclosure, this is one of my clients, but that is totally irrelevant. This stuff WORKS. I have been using this daily as a stress fighter, as a business owner, you could say I am under a weee lil bit of stress (AKA a huge amount). I tried this a few months ago for the first time and have not put it down. I can’t explain the feeling, it is nothing harsh. It will not make your mind fuzzy or blurry, it simply just fills you with a calm and collected feeling and when stressful situations do arise, you feel cool, calm and clearheaded to handle. You could say this is a botanical miracle. Don’t believe me? Do you believe The View and Buzzfeed? Watch this video from Whoopi Goldberg on The View to see how this product is changing the lives of children with epilepsy or watch this Buzzfeed video to see how CBD oil is used to help chronic pain sufferers . Need more? Fine, watch this Ted Talk (almost at 1mil views) from one of the owners, Josh Stanley, powerful stuff. If you are interested, I can do a separate post on CBD oils and this one in particular.

Acupressure Mat

You know my love for this mat. If not, read my post here. This is like laying on a bed of plastic needles and it is heaven. Yes, it is.


This is another adaptogen. Have you read my adaptogen post? If not, check it out here. Ashwagandha is a cornerstone of the Ayurvedic Medicine Cabinet, also known as “Indian ginseng” for its immune-fortifying and invigorating properties. It is considered an adaptogen, as it harmonizes physiological functions in a variety of ways, and supports hormone balance in men and women.  The name Ashwagandha comes from the root, which is said to have  “the smell of a horse” and is considered a food to improve stamina and sexual health in men and women (with “horse-like vigor”).  Ashwagandha is reputed to help support emotional balance and brain function, and acts as a potent antioxidant to boost the immune system. In a recent study conducted by the U.S. National Library of medicine, it was reported that this tonic herb may help with asthma, arthritis, chronic fatigue, anemia, infertility, depression and blood pressure. It is also thought to support the endocrine and nervous system functions as well. This “Indian ginseng” is an excellent herb for stress relief and supporting an inner sense of well-being. There are many brands you can find here on amazon, but this is the one I buy. 

Natural Calm

Have you read my magnesium post and why Natural Calm is an absolute must have? It is nature’s xanax, for real. If you haven’t read the full post, check it out here.

Monk Oil

There is something so deeply calming about this scent for me. As described by the brand, it is a protective companion for city dwellers. Organic Avocado and Apricot Kernel Oils nourish, hydrate and soften all skin types. Essential Oils of Cedar and Lavender simultaneously ground, soothe, focus and energize. Rose Absolute Essential Oil balances and uplifts, offering a sense of comfort and well-being. Yarrow Environmental Solution Flower Essence by FES protects against toxic environmental influences and other hazards of modern life. This includes the disruptive effects of electromagnetic fields and crowded places. To calm the nervous system, a Clear Quartz Crystal is placed in every bottle.Monk Oil City Skin Potion is conjured on New Moons, Full Moons and other auspicious days. If interested, you can buy here.



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