Is It Time to Get Into Numerology? The Numbers Say… Yes.

Jun 22, 2017

You’re having a bad day. Your computer crashed, your BFF ditched you, and your screenplay is going nowhere. Cue the Friends theme song. And then you see it. 11:11. Or 444. Or even 555. Whatever, you think. They’re just numbers.

Not so fast there! Before you dismiss numerology as woo-woo craziness, allow me to extol the many ways it’s changed my life. Yes, changed.

I’ve always been an astrology buff (Leo-Leo-Cap here!). But numerology was just a wee bit too out there. Until the repeating numbers started. I was toiling away on a book, laid off and eking out a living freelancing (barely), and generally felt like giving up. That constant battle to break even was wearing me down. I’d see these repeating numbers and think, huh, okay. I totally just saw those yesterday. Weird.

My work led me to Felicia Bender, or the practical numerologist. Felicia isn’t what I expected a numbers lover to be like. To be honest, I don’t know what I was expecting. Perhaps some blend of geeky mathematician and hemp wearing, crystal-rocking flower child who spoke about auras. But she’s not like that. Okay, the aura part. She’s pretty smart and way chill.

Felicia explained to me how numerology works and what your life path number is. Think of it as your sun sign in astrology.  “The Life Path number is a key to understanding your life’s purpose, innate tendencies and talents, and the obstacles you’ll face as you continue to master the lessons to be learned,” she says. It basically tells you what your mission in life is. Wish I’d known this back when I was deciding a major in college.

More intriguingly, Felicia told me about the nine year cycles in numerology. Our lives are broken into these mini decades of sorts. Year one through nine each has a different meaning, and depending which year you’re in, your life can change drastically. Case in point? Last year was a nine for me, or the end year. Saying goodbyes, all that jazz. Which is exactly what I did! I moved thousands of miles away, starting fresh in just about every area I could.

“Numerology gives us a clear picture of not only our personality profile, it also provides information about cycles of time we experience and how to understand the lessons, opportunities, and challenges specific periods of time offer us.” Knowing that this year is a one year for me means I need to embrace the new and shake off old habits. And also means pushing ahead even when I just want to take a nap.

Okay so you know your life path and your year cycle number. You’re ready to rock, right? Sure, but don’t you want to know about those digits you keep seeing whenever you glance at your phone or the DVD player? What the hell do those even mean? In short? A message direct from the universe that it has your back. Wait, did I go full woo-woo here? I may have.

Think of it as a code. And your energetic fan club (whatever it is you believe in) is sending you signs that you should keep going. “All you have to do is ask, set an intention, and be open to information coming to you from unexpected sources and in non-linear way.  And often you don’t even have to consciously ask.  You’ll get messages over and over again until you begin to notice.” Here’s a rundown of what the numbers mean if you’re curious. And you know you are.

I see repeating twos, threes, fours, ones and elevens (totes not the same thing), seven-eleven, fives and more. And what I once would have brushed off as patterns now remind me to stop being negative and to focus on positive moments, to not give up, and keep that hustle going. Even if they’re just numbers, the end result of being less of a Debbie Downer is always a plus.

To find out your Life Path, Year Cycle, and read a free monthly numerology scope, head to You can also set up a one-on-one reading with her (starting at $150).




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