Vegan Cheese, ew? Not with Kite Hill

Jun 8, 2017

Okay, bear with me here, I know vegan cheese can be pretty sketchy.

It has been two years since I almost completely cut out dairy and I have never felt better, however, I do miss cheese. I initially cut it out for dietary reasons, mainly being whenever I ate it, my body hated me and a minute later I was paying the price for eating it. TMI? Sorry. Anyway, this was a new occurrence that blessed me on my 30th birthday, I swear. It was like the universes way of saying “happy birthday, you are now old”.

Anyway, so yes, I cut out all dairy besides grass fed butter occasionally, and guess what, stomach issues were solved so I never went back. The more I read up on it, the more thankful I was for the universe telling me to quit my bad habit of cheese. Dairy is very inflammation causing, and we all know by now, inflammation is the root causes of  a lot of disease. Good riddance!

Vegan cheese never appealed to me, so I just stayed away and called it a day.

Until recently that it is, I started experimenting with Daiya, when melted, Daiya shreds are pretty decent. Would I say delicious? No, but definitely do-able and not gag-inducing. I actually (hate to admit it) sorta, kinda like them. ONLY melted though. If eaten cold, the texture is just TOO weird. Okay, so I was now open to trying more. Then I found Chao by Field Roast cheese. This is my favorite! This one melts and has the texture down pat, pretty impressive.

I had been seeing recently a brand called Kite Hill in Wholefoods, and the word truffle sold me. If you know me, truffle anything and I am in. I found the truffle, chive, dill soft cheese in the Wholefoods aisle and toted it home with me.

I like it, I really, really like it. Does is actually taste like cheese? That is definitely debatable. The actual flavor does, but again the texture is not of cheese. It is soft and moist however, as with the problem with most vegan cheese is, they lack the creamy factor.

Next up, I dove into the Kite Hill Ricotta. GAME. CHANGER. In love. Again, it doesn’t have that creamy texture, but it is REALLY good. I actually have layered it on the famous GG Scandinavian Bran crackers (we need to speak about these little life savers next!) with some tomato sauce. Oh em gee, you need to try it. It is totally a low fat, low call, pizza substitute treat.

This is a great option for spreading on crackers, wraps and things like that. I do love the simplicity of ingredients here as well, nothing funky!

Ingredients: Almond milk (water, almonds), salt, truffle oil, enzymes, dill pollen, chives, dill, cultures.


I want to try out the Ricotta next and try it in a vegan style lasagna. The real test is whether or not I can convince my husband to eat it.

You can buy Kite Hill at Wholefoods. What are your favorite vegan cheeses?



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