Ziip Beauty Device: a secret weapon in your anti aging arsenal

Jun 1, 2017

I am going to give you a new secret weapon into anti-aging and it is going to hurt. Not your skin, but your wallet. Brace yourselves, it is $495. I know, I know, sticker shock. Meet your new beauty crush, ZIIP. I wanted to hate this, I really did. I wanted to think this was a big, huge waste of money that I could have spent on Givenchy slides instead. However, no. Sorry.

What the hell is Ziip?

According to their website, “ZIIP is an FDA cleared handheld electrical skincare device. The technology behind ZIIP is groundbreaking: small, energetic vibrations are pushed into the skin through positive- and negatively-charged discs, giving your skin life. ZIIP is a dynamic beauty tool. ZIIP BEAUTY offers the user several different facial treatments. One tool…MANY treatments! Through ZIIP’s supporting iPhone/iPad app, you can select a treatment based on your desired result, and wirelessly send it to your ZIIP device. Currently there are six “Electrical Cocktail” treatments, and more to come.For best results, use ZIIP 3 times per week (depending on the treatment and desired outcomes).  Results are often visible after the first use.”

Okay, so lets break this down, when you actually think about it, it is not that expensive if you think about cost per use. Also, think about this, how much would you pay for a facial with beauty guru Melanie Simon? The Ziip was created by a team of electrical engineers, scientists, medical doctors, researchers, and skincare expert Melanie Simon, who’s known as an “electrical esthetician.”

Let’s move to the results. You may not believe this, but, results. are. immediate. I was SHOCKED the first time I used it. Listen, as a beauty editor for magazines for over 6 years now. Beauty companies sell junk for a high price, in beauty it usually is about packing. In the case of Ziip, yes the packaging is gorgeous and luxurious, however, this sucker WORKS!

Immediately, your skin looks lifted, glowing, creates cheekbones where you may have none and contoured to the high heavens. UNREAL. Does it get rid of wrinkles? No. It doesn’t, this will not replace your botox, or filler for cheekbones, that is for sure. However, I think this is perfect for a luminous glow, a subtle rightening and a perfect step step before considering going under the knife for even eye lifting procedures.




Let me first say, this is like pilates on steroids but for your face. It works in the same way, kind of. It tighten through repetitive exercise to tone and tighten. Microcurrent also helps the absorption of skincare ingredients, also it increases blood flow which hello, creates that glow! I love a good glow.

Over time and with consistent use you this stimulates collagen production, flushing out toxins through improved circulation. According to another well known microcurrent guru, Joanna Vargas  has said “The point of microcurrent isn’t to erase lines in the same way fillers and Botox do. Microcurrent is awesome for lifting the muscle and de-puffing the face, along with fluid-draining and contour-enhancing side effects.”

The Ziip must be used with a conducting gel and comes with it’s own called “Golden Conductive Gel” (retails alone for $129) which I actually love.

However, what I DO NOT LIKE is that the website does not list what is ACTUALLY in the gel, they say cutting edge skincare ingredients. What the heck are those? Hello, I need details here. It really bothers me that I can not find this info anywhere.

I suppose the closest thing on the market that you can directly compare the Ziip to is the NuFace, but not really as NuFace uses micro currents and this utilizes nano microcurrent techonology, a huge step ahead. Nonetheless, they are similar. I have not tried the NuFace, so I can not tell you my opinion on it.


Have you tried the Ziip? What about NuFace? Would you consider?






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