Breakfast Hack: Egg + Bagel Alternative

Jul 15, 2017

We already spoke about a very necessary addition to your life, the sold out everywhere, Everything But Bagel seasoning by Trader Joe’s here. We have made our point with this. You need it now. Moving on. I am going to blow your mind with this low carb breakfast hack.

I thought it would be best to give you a little inspiration on how to actually use this seasoning and basically how to hack your breakfast.. This is a super quick and simple recipe for breakfast or really any time of the day that is a low carb version of an egg on everything bagel. I have been to known to eat this for dinner. Don’t look at me like that, who doesn’t love breakfast for dinner. On top of it being super simple and delicious, it is filled with fiber and is highly nutritious.

4 GG Scandinavian Bran crackers. These guys are 20 cals each and pack a whopping 4 grams of fiber. Order here!

1 whole egg and 3 egg whites

Splash of cashew, soy or almond milk (whatever you like)

Everything But Bagel Seasoning on top

Fourth and Heart Truffled Salt Ghee. Order here! Really ups the game. Want to know why I love Ghee? Read more here. You really need the truffle flavor though. Trust me on this one.

Mix both the whole egg with the egg whites, splash of milk. Heat up ghee in a nonstick pan. I like to use the truffle version here. Adds a little something extra to the dish. Pop on the GG crackers and shake some seasoning out and Voila. Easy!

Try it and thank me later. This breakfast will keep you filled all day. When I eat this, sometimes I even have a hard time forcing down lunch I am still so full.




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