Palm Leaf Printed Yoga Mat: Musthave

Jul 11, 2017

I have gotten a lot of questions about this Yoga mat. Whenever I am carrying people ask where I got it. I admit, it definitely is a showstopper and a departure from your basic, everyone has, black mat.

If you like me, love the classic Beverly Hills Hotel Palm leaf print, you will go gaga over this yoga mat.

Not only is it visually appealing and gorgeous but it is a superb quality mat and it comes with a carrying strap, which is so important for ease. There is nothing more annoying than carrying a yoga mat to have it flop all over the place. Trust me, I have been in the position where I am rushing out of a class and dragging my mat home looking like a hot, sloppy mess.

However, I must be honest, I rarely go to classes anymore. I recently downloaded the Yoga Burn program and have been doing from home. I love doing yoga at home, no rushing to class, no worrying about where I am going to place my mat. Convenience trumps all for me. This mat is so pretty that I love having it in my living room for a pop of green. It just makes me happy to even look at.

Now for the practicability of it, it is a thick and cushion-y mat, but not TOO thick that you can not roll it up. It is the perfect thickness made of a good gripping material. 

  • Extra comfort:  high-density  mat that gives more support to sensitive areas like knees, hips, and wrists.
  • Extra long: measuring 72″ long and 24″ wide and 1/4″ thick, it’s the perfect mat for everyone, whether you’re short or tall
  • BPA free: environmentally-conscious and free of Phthalate, heavy metals, and latex for healthier yogis everywhere (YES!!).
  • Compact and lightweight: keep your mat rolled up and take it with you everywhere with the 1 inch elastic strap

The mat is from a little company called Incline. They are a start-up located in downtown Los Angeles.

I bought mine on Amazon here. If banana leaf prints aren’t your thing, they have tons of really cool others, like marble.





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