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Adaptogen Beauty Boosting Coconut Butter

Aug 31, 2017

This is the easiest and prettiest thing you will ever make in your kitchen. Guaranteed.

I am so excited to share with you guys my homemade beauty boosting butter aka homemade coconut butters. It is more along the lines of Sandra Lee’s semi homemade show on the Food Network. Does anyone know what I am talking about? I used to love that show. I say that because, I use a store bought coconut butter to use and make into my own.

Not only are these little ones beyond beautiful, they are filled to the brim with healthy brain and beauty boosting extracts and adaptogens such as collagen powder, pearl powder and mucuna Pruriens. Really the options and variations are endless here.



How to do this? It is almost too easy that I feel silly writing it out. I take my favorite coconut butter, I use two, the Artisana brand and CAP Beauty’s that I have written about here.

All I do is scoop it out, put it in a bowl and add my adaptogens, extracts and powders. Really that it is. My favorite things to add are Pitaya powder (better known as dragonfruit extract), Moon Juice’s Pearl adaptogen powder and collagen powder (the pink one above).

You can also add in other extracts besides Pitaya such as blue green algae (MAJOR brain booster) or spirulina as a I did below for other colors and healthy benefits of course. These are the two I use. I even made a matcha one that I used up before I could even take a picture.

The look so pretty together, so I like to make a bunch of colors. They also look gorgeous both drizzled over toasts, oatmeal and other hot dishes that could use some creamy coconut butter.


Need some ideas on how to use this gorgeous spread? My favorite way is to make my beauty and brain boosting coconut butter vegan chocolate cups. These babies are the perfect portion controlled desert that look OH-SO-PRETTY!

You can also easily drizzle it on top of oatmeal, this is my second favorite way to use it. I also use in smoothies and even blend in my matcha to make a super creamy matcha latte as a meal replacement.

I hope you will try this, if you do, please please please tag me on Instagram @TheWellnessVault so I can see!

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