Why you should wake up with lemon water

Aug 3, 2017

Think about this, how would you feel if someone dumped cold water on your head to wake you up? I would bet that you would tense up and feel pretty shocked. Am I right? Don’t answer that, I know I am.

Well, your organs feel the same way in the morning when you are downing that cold orange juice or iced coffee first thing in the am.

After sleeping through the night your bodily tissues are dehydrated and need clean, pure water to filter out toxins and improve energy production in your cells. Make sure it is lukewarm to avoid shocking it.

Need a boost? Add lemon. You know my love for lemons by now right? If not, read all the amazing benefits here. Water with lemon produces clean energy by oxygenating your body to produce mental clarity. Additionally, lemon wakes up your digestion with a mega dose of vitamin C.

I swear by this simple, little routine in the morning. It takes two minutes and produces an immediate and noticeable effect on my digestion (helps to clear things out, wink wink), energy (immediately wakes me up) and mood (it puts some pep in my step).

If you read my lemon article you know, I swear by lemon for detoxing and weight management.

I do recommend getting a lemon squeez-y thing-y. It makes life super easy and less messy. I use this one. There are tons available in different colors and finishes here. I can not tell you why, but using that little gadget makes it more fun.


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