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The Wellness Vault is ​a chic guide to living well and beautiful, making the journey to health and wellness luxurious and stylish. Wellness is beauty. Beauty is wellness. 

A lot of health and wellness websites can come across a bit hippy dippy for my personal taste. Think, a barefoot girl wearing a hemp necklace and only eating flax seeds… yeah, we all know what I’m talking about. Yet, here I am, a Manhattan based ​entrepreneur who favors head to toe black ensembles and loves a good Balenciaga studded accessory. Sounds completely mismatched? It’s not. I like to  think of it as balanced. Think of The Wellness Vault as your ultra chic best friend that also loves a good health store, morning meditations and herbal tonics.

For years I have been exploring, researching and diving in to the health and wellness space. After almost a decade  in the fashion industry, first as a buyer in luxury fashion and then (and currently) as an owner of a Public Relations agency in the fashion, beauty and celebrity space, I felt burnt out. About three years ago it came to a head, I was surrounded by toxicity, and I mean in every single way. From people around me, to the food I was eating, to the skincare I was carelessly putting on my face. I was always tired, my skin was dull (no matter how many $150 exfoliators and $300 serums I tried, not to mention the piles and piles of glow promising highlighters). I had a few extra pounds that were just not meant to be on my body (I am 5 foot nothing on a good day).  Fatigue was an understatement, I was perpetually exhausting and just all around feeling MEH. I knew I had to make a change so I dove into the world of wellness. The first change I made was my diet, diving head first into clean eating. Soon after came, the acupuncture, herbs, dietary research, very clean eating (ditching dairy was a hard one but worth it), health, wellness and clean beauty. It changed my life so profoundly ( I’m not only talking about only losing that pesky 10 pounds that crept up and I couldn’t shake for years, that literally melted off without any effort) but the energy, overall happiness and radiance I found. Yes, I still like a good highlighter though, but it no longer is needed to fake a glow.

The Wellness Vault is a place to bring everything I’ve learned along the way in this space to one pretty little place. A resource to help anyone who is looking to transform their lives with better health or even just bring a little bit of wellness into their every day, one matcha at a time.

​xx Dara​


​About Dara Kaplan:

After more than a decade in the fashion industry, first as fashion buyer, then having founded a successful social media agency by the age of 26 and now currently the co-owner and partner in Manhattan based Lifestyle and Celebrity PR firm, Wunderlich Kaplan Communications​. Dara experienced what she likes to call fashion fatigue. She knew it was time for a lifestyle and to make the journey into the health and wellness space. Along the way her blog, The Wellness Vault was created as a space to share her learnings in a luxurious and stylish way, from the best way to nourish you body with adaptogens and herbal tonics to the best in green beauty to quieting your mind with the perfect, quick and painless meditation. However, don’t call her a hippy, she still loves a good studded Balenciaga bag. She likes to call it balance.

A strong advocate for women’s empowerment having co- created the globally recognized program for helping women over 40 re-enter the workforce or create their own brands using the power of PR. Dara has been featured in national publications such as Forbes, Inc. Magazine, New York Post, The Daily Mail, CNN, Fox News, HLN, Time Inc., Money, Yahoo Finance and more.

Dara is also a frequent contributing travel editor with a strong case of wanderlust on her free time, you will find her climbing to the top of a mountain, wandering through an ancient city or exploring a far flung beach with her husband.

You can also find Dara Kaplan writing about health and wellness as a contributor on The Huffington Post.​




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